Club dental Guiu

We take care of you and your family

Guiu Dental Clinic offers you the Guiu Dental Club, a club full of advantages and exclusive discounts for you and your family.

These are the advantages of joining our Club Dental Guiu:

Visits without cost: Does it hurt anything? Do you have any questions about your oral health? You can visit us whenever you want, we are happy to welcome you.
Radiographs without cost: We diagnose the condition of your cams dente and gum performing x-rays without any cost to you.
Your first hour of parking without cost: When you have to visit our clinic we refund the amount of your first hour of parking in the Rambla Nova. You will  have no excuses for coming to the dentist.
Discount for your children: If you are under 35 years, your children will have a 10% discount on all dental treatment.
Monthly contests and sweepstakes: If you are part of the Club, you can benefit dessert sweepstakes and monthly gifts. A surprise is always so fancy, and even more if it is to improve your oral health.
Exclusive promotions: Each month we launch promotions and exclusive discounts, including dental cleaning, whitenings, dental fillings, etc. It is only for members of the Club Dental Guiu.
And much more!

Order your card for only 120€ per year (or 250 € including tooth whitening).

To learn more about Dental Club Guiu can contact us through this contact form, call 977 21 30 50 or you can request information from the clinic. We will explain every detail without any compromise.