Clínica Dental Guiu sala d'espera

The Dental Clinic Guiu is located in the center of the city of Tarragona, at the foot of the Monument to the Castellers de la Rambla Nova. Our location allows you to easily walk (if you’re from Tarragona), public transport (bus station is located just 5 minutes from our clinic) or by private car (with the Dental Guiu Club card, you have free parking in Rambla Nova).

Our first goal is your well being. Therefore, we have spaces fully adapted to your comfort and tranquility, pleasant surroundings and comfort to make you feel at home. We want you to forget you’re at the dentist.

Guiu Dental Clinic in TarragonaOur special space sedation responds perfectly to this philosophy. Above all, we want you to be quiet with high confidence that the treatment will go well. Conscious sedation allows the patient to relax while eliminating any discomfort during surgery and allows rapid recovery.

Guiu Dental Clinic in TarragonaAll our rooms are equipped with systems and high-quality materials and the latest technology, such as digital diagnostic tests, X-rays and new methods of instrumentation. All this, along with our staff of highly qualified specialists and renowned, allows us to assure the best results in oral health.

Sala - Clínica Dental Guiu de Tarragona