sedacion consciente en tarragona

Conscious sedation is a combination of sedatives components which help relax the patient-and anesthetic to block pain in the affected area. In this way, the patient goes into a conscious state of comfort and well-being. It will allow you to tolerate treatment and keep the communication with your dentist.

Who is suitable?

The indication of conscious sedation will always be at the discretion and supervision of our specialist in anesthesiology. It is usually recommended in these three cases:

Conscious sedation is indicated for those who feel anxiety or fear of dental treatment. We understand this and do not want to become a bad experience. The first thing for us is that you feel comfortable and safe during treatment.

When we perform various simple treatments to a patient (fillings, professional cleaning, root canals…) we can unite in a single session by conscious sedation. This prevents the patient to visit the clinic several times, thus saving time and travel.

In the case of interventions with surgery and implants conscious sedation is absolutely necessary.

What benefits gives me conscious sedation?

Creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation
Eliminates pain and bad experiences
It increases the feeling of patient safety
Minimizes postoperative discomfort
It enables communication with your doctor

Is there any risk?

We have a qualified anesthesiologists to provide conscious sedation safely. If the patient is working and follow the doctor’s instructions should be no problem. Our specialist will monitor and take care of the patient during surgery.

Before and after the procedure:

The patient must follow a set of instructions before and after surgery to avoid any complications.

Before treatment, the patient should go to the clinic fasting. After the intervention, we recommend that the patient be accompanied by a relative or a friend and not to drive during 24 hours after the operation. The patient should also wait about 3 hours after surgery to consume liquids and between 6 and 8 hours to begin a meal.