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If you’ve lost or missing a tooth, dental implants are one of the best solutions to replace the long run. More and more people visiting us to perform this technique. The reason? Because it works.

Implants and dentures are a long term solution, with such
a natural, comfortable look that will get the feeling the tooth are yours.

Why should I replace missing teeth me?

In addition to aesthetic and comfort reasons, dental implants provide multiple benefits for your health:

Keep the jawbone: If the bone that holds our dental tooth structure that finds no support, it will atrophy and gradually reabsorbed. This loss severely grow old face and mouth of the patient and implant placement more difficult in the future.
Keep the rest of the tooth in place: The space left by a missing tooth makes other parts can move and cause malposition. This would lead to longer and more expensive treatments.
Returns tooth functionality: Implants and prostheses increase the ability of biting and chewing. The lack of any parts produce poor chewing, which can affect your digestion.
You diminish the probability of decay: With implants you will stabilize the dental arches and consequently will reduce the appearance of plaque and cavities.
You’ll have more desire to smile: It is shown that smiling positively affects the health of people. With dental implants you will gain confidence in yourself and smile more easily.

Solutions to replace one or more teeth

Dental implant

When you replace only one tooth we recommend a dental implant, which is the solution that respects the  contiguous teeth. The implant lives in a healthy and natural way with the other tissues of the mouth.

Our implants are made of biocompatible top quality parts that simulate the root of the tooth. These parts are integrated very naturally into the jawbone.

Fixed dental bridge

If you have to rehability  two or more contiguous teeth, it is preferable to use a dental bridge: a dental prosthesis supported by implants or natural teeth. Should be sustained with natural teeth, it is necessary to reduce the size of adjacent teeth for the bridge fits properly. This technique can damage the structure of healthy teeth, so we recommend the use of an implant.


If you need to replace all or most of the teeth, there are different techniques dentures, as removable, fixed or hybrid. Although the cheapest option is a removable prosthesis (removable dentures), the most comfortable and durable option is fixed prostheses. Moreover, hybrid prosthesis (supported by 6 implants per arch) provides good value.

What if I do not have enough jawbone?

The maxillary bone is in charge of supporting our teeth and dental implants. Sometimes however, maxillary bone shrinkable due to the extraction of teeth or diseases such as periodontitis. In the case where there is no need bone sufficient maxillary sinus elevation.

Our specialist in implants, the doctor Javier Rodriguez, will assess the state of the patient jawbone. If it is appropriate, the implants may be placed corresponding to the same intervention. Normally this technique is uncomplicated and has a very high success rate.

 Do you need more information? We show the 40 most typical questions about dental implants answers to the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration (SEPA) . We hope that you are the help!

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